The “Goldilocks” of Moisturizing…. Hyaluronic Acid

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post! Life has been crazy with this little thing I have to do called “taking call”. There goes my day job interfering with my hobbies again… 😉 Needless to say, I took a little hiatus after to regroup and get my life back on track!


Anyways, moving on! Today’s post is all about the science behind one of my favorite skin care ingredients…. HYALURONIC ACID. Sounds scary right? Who knew putting so many different “acid” products on your skin was so good for it…. I like to call call it the “needle-less botox”. Hyaluronic acid is ESSENTIAL in your daily skin care regimen, and I am about to tell you why! But first, let’s understand how it works. Hyaluronic acid… better known as HA…. is a NATURALLY occurring chemical compound in our skin. Its job is to bind to water and keep our skin looking young, healthy, and moisturized. HA has such an affinity for water that 1 GRAM of HA can hold up to 6 LITERS of water. Crazy right? The even cooler part about HA is it has the ability to regulate how much water/moisture is actually kept in the skin. That means the skin will have the perfect amount of moisture maintained, not making you look oily or greasy. As we age, we start losing the ability to produce HA naturally, due to UV exposure and free radicals. This leads to wrinkles and dry skin, making us long for those oily teenage days. With that being said, it is important that we add it back into our skin to make up for what’s been/being lost! Now one last scientific thing I will explain that is super important – HA comes in different molecular weights. You may be rolling your eyes right now thinking, okay so why do I care about this? The reason is, you need a low molecular weight HA if you’re really looking for a serum or cream that will actually work. Initially, when HA products were made they were made with high molecular weight HA. The problem with that is they were only coating the skin, they weren’t able to actually penetrate the epidermis and allow for that moisture surge to take place. The only setting that a high molecular weight HA would be appropriate is if you were undergoing microneedling or dermaplaning (something where the molecules could get past the epidermis). Okay enough of the physiology….


Now, what are the benefits of hyaluronic acid? First and foremost, you are getting that perfect level of moisture surge to your skin. This means it’s great for people with dry or oily skin! Second, if you hydrate your skin with HA, you will notice a significant decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will look more plump and dewy. It gives you that youthful look! This acid, unlike the other ones we have discussed, is NOT an exfoliant and does NOT strip the skin. It’s sole purpose is to provide that “Goldilocks” amount of moisture, and decreasing the signs of aging. It will seriously blow your mind how soft your skin begins to feel after continued use. You will notice your skin looking brighter, healthier, and most importantly – YOUNGER! Listed below are a few of my favorite HA products. Some are expensive, but I promise you two things: 1. A little goes a long way and 2. You won’t regret it when you see the improvement in your skin!


    • Teoxane RHA: I have to list this one first because a friend of mine in dermatology recommended it once and I literally started referring to it as “liquid gold”. The reason for the name is two-fold. One, after literally 2 uses you see an amazing difference in your skin. I’m not joking…. If I could offer you a money back guarantee on this, I would. Second, it’s stupid expensive lol. It retails around $170 at the doctor’s office, but I have been able to get it cheaper on amazon. They recommend you use it 2x per day, but I use it once per day to conserve as much as possible. I would say it lasted me roughly 2.5 months. It’s the highest concentration of low molecular weight HA on the market right now.

    • Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Detox Gel: I just purchased this stuff about 2 weeks ago and love it! It has an awesome cooling sensation. In particular, I love using this after I dermaplane and microneedle. I am not convinced that this has as low of a molecular weight as the teoxane serum, so I make sure I exfoliate well before using it to see it’s true benefit.

    • Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench HA Serum: This is a little more light weight that the moisturizer above. This one is great for sensitive skin in particular. It has 75% HA! That’s an insane amount. Also, I recommend putting this and any HA product on after you shower.

    • SkinMedica HA5: Pricey, Pricey, Pricey….. But oh so worth it. I received samples of this one time after a facial and I would say it is up there as one of my favorite HA products. This also retails for around $170. It definitely has low molecular weight HA in it, therefore you get that great penetration and immediate results.

    • SkinCeuticals HA Intensifier: Last, but certainly not least…. the famous skinceutical’s HA serum. I personally have yet to try this, but I promise if you search any “top lists” for HA, you will see this one listed first on multiple occasions. The reason is, it is a little more affordable than #1 and #4, but still delivers those instant results you’re looking for.  Only down side is I have read some reviews where they say the serum leaves you feeling a little greasy. So definitely something to keep in mind if you’re more oily prone.